The most important thing for us at our wedding was making sure we had good pictures; pictures that would capture the essence of the most important days of our lives. We researched for at least two years before we contacted Saneesh and we are so glad we chose him to be our wedding photographer.
Saneesh truly is the photographer for people who cannot pose. He does not tell you what to do or how to pose – he captures moments when you are being yourself. His photos tell a story and when we saw our wedding album we knew that our story could not have been told any better. Saneesh’s greatest strength lies in his ability to become invisible and work around the ceremony and the other ‘photographers’. We have no idea as to how he managed to capture all those moments without distracting anyone. Not only is he a great photographer, he is also an amazing person and quickly became a part of the family. Our relatives keep asking us how our ‘friend’ Saneesh is doing.
- Prashanthi & Sankar

It was a daunting task choosing a high quality photographer for our special day in India. We perused through many portfolios before stumbling upon Saneesh's fabulous website. We were immediately impressed with the high standard of Saneesh's work and, in particular, his unique ability to capture the visual narrative of each wedding. He was so helpful and listened carefully to our requests.

 Over the two days, Saneesh worked extremely hard and was unobtrusive but always worked conscientiously to capture every candid moment. Looking though the photos now, we are indebted to Saneesh for providing us with a wedding portfolio that truly captures every special memory that we have of the day and indeed the colour, splendor and richness of the occasion. We would wholeheartedly recommend him without reservation.

- Vasavi & Richard

We wanted to make a photo story of our journey together before marriage and Saneesh captured the moments in a manner more than we could have asked for!

His immense patience and friendly nature made us comfortable to just be with each other without thinking of cameras around.He kept talking during the shoot and got our different expressions, overall it was not a cliche posed photo shoot.Although we did  some of the poses we had in mind , but Sanessh made sure that the smile wasn't plastic,expressions weren't posed :)
Though i love posing , after looking at the pics i now prefer natural photos as there is a different flair in them.
So in all it was an enjoyable experience running from one corner to another to get clicked .
All thanks to Saneesh for this experience :)

-Aman & Sneha

We loved Saneesh's photographs of our wedding! He managed to catch all the tiny moments and details that mattered to us, without interfering with the flow of the ceremony in any way. His spot-on timing ensures that even the most artistic shots seem full of life and warmth :)

- Shailvi & Govind

Saneesh is one of Prathap's close friends, but I met him for the first time on the day of our photo-shoot. I always felt the quality of the pictures depend on the comfort-level that exist between the individuals and their photographer.

From the moment we met, Saneesh who is an affable guy & a proficient photographer was into knowing what kind of person he is working with, thereby he establishes an atmosphere where he is likely to capture the real you!! He sure has his characteristic signatures in his work like the fresh feel of his snaps, keeping you engaged with your normal talks during the shoots, setting the mood he wishes to capture!!

He has an eye to capture what looks like a humdrum scenario to us & convert it into a gratifying,yet cheerful,casual and yet gracious memories

- Lakshmi & Prathap

We decided to have our wedding in Prague, one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Europe and also Martin's hometown. We started looking for photographers months in advance until, finally, we found what we were looking for: we found Saneesh.

We love the way he was able to capture every moment of our special day. Every photo is gorgeous and captures the spirit of the moment in the most magical way. Everyone can take pictures, it only takes a click of the camera...but only artists can capture with every photo the beauty of the moment.
Saneesh was definitely the artist in our wedding. He was able to immortalize our precious moments with the special touch only artist have, and now, every time we look at our wedding photos, we are transported back in time to that moments of our life we want to cherish forever.

Besides, it was so easy and comfortable working with him! He was so easy going, yet very professional. We particularly enjoyed our photo shoot around Charles Bridge: Saneesh's camera looking at us, far from feeling intimidating, felt natural and we felt both very comfortable at all times. Also, he constantly came up with great ideas for the shoot.

We would definitely recommend him to our friends, family and closest ones.

- Saramaria & Martin

We are SO grateful for the pictures- we think that they are truly amazing and we couldn't be happier for getting the chance to work with you and to be the eyes of the people we love that couldn't be with us on our special day.

We really enjoyed working with you on the day and we loved walking around and seeing Prague! You definitely know to spot the best places for the photos and we are over the moon with the results! Our family and friends are all impressed and keen to get copies for themselves. There is no doubt we would recommend you to any couple getting married :)

-Jessica & Assaf

We were looking for a wedding photographer in Prague we wanted someone special. Saneesh was a great choice as he's very friendly, forth coming and he has the ability to think 'outside of the box' when taking photographs.

We felt very relaxed in front of the camera thanks to Saneesh's easy approach and endless enthusiasm. Despite heavy rain Saneesh kept smiling all the way through and made us to shoot more pictures outside that we intended (even though his expensive camera gear was getting wet) and we are very grateful for that!

The photographs were amazing, Saneesh was quick to deliver and he even organized us a book of our wedding photos! Great job Saneesh, thank  you!

- Vendula & Miguel
Saneesh made us once beautiful photos during one garden party when we still didn't know him so well. During our wedding we wanted to be surrounded by people we know and like - friends were signing, playing instruments, making videos, even juggling. So Saneesh was an obvious choice for a photographer.

The only thing I was worried about before the wedding was the rain. We planned a walk from the church and the party outside. Of course the day of our wedding was the most rainy day of the month. For my husband it didn't matter so much cause he is French and in France the rain means luck during the wedding. But I was not so happy about it. So when we went to shoot some photos before the ceremony and Saneesh was only saying 'Beautiful light!!!' it cheered me up a bit. It was raining but as least photos looked great.

We didn't want to have classical wedding photos. We wanted something more artistic and a bit crazy. We made as well a special shooting - in the metro station and in the tram. Saneesh is open for everything and he has many great ideas. He always says: do something. So we were jumping, dancing, running and it was great! It was funny, relaxed and dynamic. Photos were magical - we printed one of them on canvas and people don't believe it's from our wedding - they think it's a beautiful painting. Thanks Saneesh!

-Gosia and Marko

Having Saneesh as our photographer was the second best decision related to our wedding. Obviously the first one was deciding to get married. The pictures are professional, capturing important moments, details and all the emotions. 
If you look for natural pictures instead of artificially looking poses, you will be definitely be more than satisfied.Saneesh has many great ideas regarding the picture composition, the pictures are very original and taking them was lot of fun. The atmosphere was very relaxed and even if you usually don't like to be photographed, I bet you'll be enjoying this one.

-Zuzana & Anatolii

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