Days Before Winter

Rays of morning sun

shining through the window,

her thick long hair fall on my face,

I smell them,her fragrance fills me.

rays of morning sun

lost among the leafless autumn trees

I joyfully feel her,her hair caught in the cold breeze

I run my fingers along her back.

as she closes her eyes,

her dark blue eyes.

she wears a smile on her face looking down

i hear her occasional chuckles,

and she pull her slender navel inwards.

As I lay softly caressing her on that cold morning

with the sun’s mellow shine and cold breeze rushing in

I love life, I love my surroundings,

I respect everything I have in this eternal moment.

for the dark cold winter months that are to follow

don’t bother me, the sadness of my life doesn’t bother me.

rays of morning sun

shining though the window

I hear her chuckles, I fondle her

and I am relishing my life.

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