Varsha + Lee : International Wedding in Bangalore

Varsha and Lee got married to Hindu traditions in Princes Green Gardens, Palace Grounds, Bangalore on Feb 17th 2013. It was a outdoor wedding and a beautiful one. Varsha hails from Bangalore and Lee from Greece, both of them live in United Kingdom. Lee’s family from Greece and their friends from UK flew down almost making it an destination wedding, they all were looking fabulous in Indian attire.

“Falling in love was new to us both. Getting married was an unforgettable experience. And now we want to see new places, meet new people and experience new things together.” says Varsha & Lee with their feature with WeddingSutra. Read their beautiful story Seven Weddings Seven Vows feature here
Wedding Photography by Saneesh Sukumaran

Ans Lee & Varsha wrote to me :-

“Lee and I are not posers, so when we set out to find a photographer for our wedding, we wanted someone who would capture moments, without asking us to stop and pose! Someone who was able to tell a story with their pictures, to people who weren’t even present on the occasion.
Saneesh ticked all our boxes and few more. His pictures were beautiful, we were expecting that after looking through his portfolio. What we weren’t expecting was how effortless the whole thing would be. Saneesh’s charming personality and approachable manner made it feel like we were hanging out with another one of our friends at our wedding.
The festivities were kind of a blur. The clutter of various emotions mixed with a few thousand people made it difficult for us to enjoy the moments to the fullest. But when we got the photos, all the feelings came back and this time in full focus and colour. He was able to capture things which I though only I noticed. My father’s expression when he saw me all dressed up, my husband’s face when he saw me walk down the aisle.
We would highly recommend Saneesh and his crew to anyone who is looking for an excellent set of wedding pictures that tell a story.

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